Mission of Shaphaco

Shaphaco was incorporated to gain profit for its shareholders. It has a clear vision of improving the standard of Health sectors in Yemen and the neighboring countries by manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical products according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice, to follow the principle of TQM and seeking to serve its customers beyond their expectations, and taking care of the workforce and looking after their interest.

Shaphaco started as professional in pharmaceutical industries and has continued and concentrated its energies in medicine production with the objective the ultimate satisfaction.

Key production capabilities and well-trained personnel in Yemen will answer requirements for pharmaceutical products. Our professionals bear the responsibilities for making “Shaphaco” a name, which epitomizes reliability, and quality.

Shaphaco has state of art manufacturing facilities with expertise to manufacture wide spectrum of products. We produce your medicine one of the most modern facilities.

Shaphaco’s aim is that its customers will be able to call on its world-class products to support their own aspiration and operation. We intended to be one of those few companies among the huge numbers of trade name in the globe ,which human societies can trust and relay on.

We have developed high level of response techniques to meet the competitive international market. We are in a position to offer high quality products at fair terms and conditions.

Working together around the world with prime quality pharmaceutical offers a wide range of products at most competitive terms.



Amol Extra

possess analgesic and antipyretic properties.

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Shabynil Sharizol
Medazole Shamoxil

Amol Syrup


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